Vyre Network’s BXNG Tv Shows Third Year Of Consistent Growth In Local Pro Combat Sports: Boxing, MMA And Muay Thai

Los Angeles, CA – August 15, 2023 – VYRE Network (a free global streaming platform with a worldwide reach and wholly owned Cabo Verde Capital company (OTCPK: CAPV) the “Company” or “VYRE”) BXNG TV (https://bxngtv.com) corners the local pro combat sports market and shows a third year of steady growth in Professional PPV Boxing, MMA and Muay Thai events.  

BXNG TV is the leading streaming media company focusing on the Next Generation of boxing and combat sports. BXNG TV links local pro-boxing events and emerging boxing prospects to a national and international audience. BXNG TV’s founder Adam Glenn has leveraged his deep relationships with local promoters and talented young fighters to produce and stream PPV events across the North America. The channel also provides rebroadcasting of boxing events, as well as featuring AVOD boxing-related programming, such as documentaries, feature films, TV shows, coming soon podcasts, and fighter features. 

Since its creation in 2021, BXNG TV has become the leading global streaming platform for the Next Generation of boxing and combat sports, with steady growth for three consecutive years. BXNG TV has seen growth in its audience and the number of PPV events per year: 2021 – 40 events and in 2022 – 72 events. For 2023 BXNG TV is on pace to surpass 100 live streamed events on BXNGTV.com and on television through the VYRE APP on Apple TV, Roku, Amazon Fire, Samsung TV, Android, and iPhone, reaching a global audience.

These types of events are where most fighters launch their careers and connect with their core fan bases. Until now, there hasn’t been a platform to consistently broadcast these events to the world. BXNG TV provides local promoters with the resources and expertise to broadcast their events to boxing fans around the globe. BXNG TV controls all aspects of video production, from the cameras to the lighting, to the technical aspects of the Livestream, to provide a high-quality PPV production and to ensure a great viewer experience. 

“Through BXNG TV and its marketing support, local fighters can stay connected to their fanbases, no matter where in the world they are fighting, while also gaining exposure to boxing fans worldwide. The local show is the foundation of boxing. This is where the future stars of boxing are born,” said Adam Glenn, CEO & Founder of BXNG TV and Times Square Boxing Co. “Every fighter is a star somewhere, whether their gym, neighborhood, or city and we want to give them an opportunity to build their following.

BXNG TV also supports local promoters by delivering high-quality streaming production, marketing support, and an opportunity to increase revenue, at no cost to the promoter. It can be difficult to profitably run a local show and we are dedicated to helping. BXNG TV aims to provide local promoters with the support they need to not only stream their shows but run more shows while increasing their bottom lines,” said Mr. Glenn. 

“Adam Glenn has initiated his plan on showcasing the next Generation of BXNG and, over the last 3 years, has grown it to be the leading destination for Local Pro Combat sports. I can’t wait to see what the next 3 years will do for New Pro fighters”, stated David Hill CEO of VYRE Network.

Boxing and combat sport connoisseurs can stream and find information about upcoming events on bxngtv.com and the VYRE App through the dedicated BXNG TV Channel.


About BXNG TV 

BXNG TV is the only streaming media company focusing on the Next Generation of BoXiNG and combat sports. BXNG TV links local pro-boxing events and emerging boxing prospects to a worldwide audience. 



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