VYRE Network Creates Business News Channel (VBNGTv) To Empower Today’s Small-Cap Companies, Business Leaders, And Brand Partners Enhanced By AI Technology

Los Angeles, CA – August 2, 2023 –VYRE Network (a free global streaming platform with a worldwide reach and wholly owned Cabo Verde Capital company (OTCPK: CAPV) the “Company” or “VYRE”), has created VYRE Business News Global (“VBNG TV” – https://vbngtv.com) to showcase small-cap companies, business leaders and brand partners through a unbiased lens distributed through TV News shows, business focused documentaries, informal editorial content, special networking events and trending news alerts narrated by AI Technology and an elite global team of journalism.

VBNG TV is the next media powerhouse for business news that empowers today’s small-cap companies, business leaders and brand partners by innovating solutions, knowledge, and connections needed to be successful.

Reaching households and streaming devices in 186 countries through the VYRE App, with a focus on US Markets, Finance, Wealth, Technology and coming soon Europe, Middle East, Australia, and Asia region, Central/South America, and Africa.

VBNG has partnered with Tomorrow Events, an innovative AI technology company specializing in generative storytelling. The integration of Tomorrow Events’ AI technology on VBNG TV’s platform will enable the company to stay ahead of the curve in the rapidly evolving media industry. By leveraging the power of AI-driven generative storytelling, VBNG TV can deliver timely and data-backed insights, empowering its audience to make informed decisions in various aspects of their lives, from financial investments to personal choices.

The team at Tomorrow Events consists of a passionate and forward-thinking group of technology enthusiasts and journalists, all driven by the shared goal of revolutionizing journalism and content generation. Through their expertise in artificial intelligence and data analysis, Tomorrow Events has developed a concept that has the potential to reshape the entire media landscape.

Small-cap stocks typically have not been presented in mainstream media because they are perceived too risky and lack the quality that investors should demand in a company. Indeed, these are all valid concerns for any company, but major large-cap companies have also fallen prey to issues just as much.

It is known that individual small-cap stocks offer higher growth potential, and small-cap value index funds outperform the S&P 500 in the long run. On the downside the opportunities of small caps are best suited to investors who are willing to accept more risk in exchange for higher potential gains. Overall, the market for quality unbiased news reporting on small cap companies has been missing from “TV’s Business News” until now.

VBNG TV will be a voice for companies that fit this landscape to present quality information to VBNG TV users. VBNG TV business model is monetizing engaging opportunities for companies to reach targeted consumers through Programmatic Advertising and Product Placements with our TV news shows and AVOD content, along with Digital Display Placements on VBNGtv.com and special events with leaders in business, entertainment, and technology. https://vbngtv.com/Mediakit2023

“We are thrilled to launch VBNG TV and partner with Tomorrow Events, an organization that shares our vision for transforming the way news and information is delivered to our audience,” said David Hill, Co-Founder of VYRE Network. “With Tomorrow Events’ AI technology running on VBNG TV, we aim to provide viewers with a unique and insightful experience, going beyond the surface of news to understand the potential implications and future developments of current events.”

“Tomorrow Events is excited to join forces with VBNG TV to bring our AI technology to a wider audience,” said Anis Shiekh, Founder and CEO of Tomorrow Events. “We believe that AI has the potential to enhance media engagement and information dissemination, and with VBNG TV’s extensive reach, our technology can make a significant impact on how people access and consume news.”

The partnership between VBNG TV and Tomorrow Events sets the stage for a future of AI-influenced media that goes beyond mere reporting, creating a new era of interactive and dynamic content. Through this collaboration, VBNG TV aims to position itself as a leader in modern media, driving innovation, and redefining the way news is presented and consumed.

You can log on and receive informal editorial information on VBNGTV.com and stream shows and business documentaries through the VYRE App on the VBNG TV channel.



VBNG TV is a powerhouse news based streaming channel and website that empowers today’s small-cap companies, business leaders and brand partners by innovating solutions, knowledge, and connections needed to be successful. VBNG offers live business news, exclusive one on one interviews, with documentary, feature film & TV Show programming. The channel reaches households and streaming devices worldwide, through the VYRE App.    https://vbngtv.com


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