Vyre Network, The New Number 1 Independent Film Streaming Company Opens Submissions For Vyre Film Festival 2020

Vyre Film Festival 2020 welcomes the creativity of the filmmaker, projects, and stories that are told visually from all walks of life.

Vyre Network has quickly become the number 1 Independent streaming company for Independent directors, and creators. Vyre kicks off its submission process for their Vyre Film Festival 2020 that will take place on November 11th – 15th virtually and some special events in Hollywood CA.

VFF2020 will be the start of a new era in film festivals that provide guaranteed global distribution for winning projects. VFF is an annual event that is dedicated to displaying quality content and discovering talent from all over the globe. Our annual festival which includes features and short films of all genres well as series, and episodic content in the form of multimedia, performances, and films.

We believe that the climate of the film industry has progressed and there are projects that are often overlooked or don’t have access to distribution. Vyre Network’s plan is to fill that void and the disconnect between quality content and global viewership.

Submissions are now open and processed through https://filmfreeway.com/VyreFilmFestival. This year VFF2020 will host 15 categories where all festival winners will receive global distribution and a full marketing & public relations budget to take their amazing work to the next level.

Our focus of distribution consists of all OTT platforms; Apple TV, Roku, Amazon Fire TV, IOS, Android Mobile, Smart TV’s, Websites and more which gives our video content a global reach.

We welcome the creativity of the filmmaker, projects, and stories that are told visually from all walks of life. This includes animation, interactive projects, international submissions, short films.

Vyre Network represents a visually driven culture, from millennials to generations X, Y, and Z. Vyre distributes a wide range of entertainment that allows popular culture to express themselves as consumers and creators without boundaries. This includes television shows, feature films, short films, music videos, and exclusive live events.

For More information about VFF2020 log on to https://vyrefilmfestival.com

For press inquiries please contact: [email protected]

For sponsorship & partnerships please log on to: https://advertisingvyre.com/vff2020

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