VYRE Network Announces SheRise Ford Joining the VYRE Team to Lead Its New Student Focused Channel

Los Angeles, California–(December 20, 2023) – VYRE Live, a subsidiary of VYRE Network (OTC Pink: CAPV), a leading free global streaming platform known for delivering next-generation movies, shows, and sports content, both live and on-demand, is pleased to announce an exciting new partnership to develop VYRE’s new student focused channel with The SheRise Enterprise, led by its dynamic CEO, SheRise Ford.

SheRise Ford, renowned as The Six Foot Publicist, is a trailblazer in the realm of public relations and entertainment. With an extensive career spanning over a decade, SheRise Ford has made a profound impact, particularly in her dedication to supporting and empowering youth.

One of her notable contributions to the community is her election to a local government official position in Los Angeles County in November 2016 as a board member of the North Hollywood East Neighborhood Council. Her commitment to the youth shines through as she served as the President of the board for over four years, all while holding her position as a local government official. In 2018, SheRise Ford received recognition from the Mayor of the City of Los Angeles for creating and hosting the “Youth Empowerment Series.” This series aimed to educate young individuals about crucial life skills, including financial literacy, leadership development, and building healthy relationships. Her efforts were commended for significantly improving the quality of life for students and residents in North Hollywood, California.

In addition to her role as a local government official, Ms. Ford is also the official red carpet correspondent for the Pan African Film Festival, which is not only one of the largest Black History Month events in America but also an Oscar-qualifying festival for animation and live-action films. She has held this prestigious role for over three years, attracting audiences from local, national, and international platforms.

SheRise Ford’s impact extends beyond community service. With an impressive portfolio in the entertainment industry, she has worked in production on projects for renowned artists such as Lil Wayne, 21 Savage, Charlie Wilson, Johnny Gill, Soulja Boy, and ASAP Rocky. As a publicist, she has helped her clients build their expert authority status and get featured on The Wendy Williams Show, Dr. Phil, KTLA, In Touch Weekly, New York Post, Sheen, Ebony, and many more major media outlets. Her multifaceted contributions exemplify her dedication to youth empowerment and her remarkable career in public relations and entertainment.

A consistent theme that SheRise observed during her extensive work with interns is the financial challenges that students often face, including difficulties affording essentials like food and clothing. The new student focused channel will be poised to reshape this narrative by offering institutions a means to nurture creativity and provide students with an opportunity to generate income.

This monumental collaboration represents a significant milestone for the intersection of entertainment and education. VYRE Network and The SheRise Enterprise are set to develop a dedicated streaming channel, carefully curated to showcase the remarkable talents of students, from grammar schools to universities. The student focused channel will be named by the students that will be participating in curating and programming content. The channel is slated to launch early 2024, bringing this innovative opportunity to life.

The channel will be monetized through VYRE Network’s programmatic advertising, delivered by Publica, the leading independent CTV advertising platform system. This will enable programmatic advertisers to purchase advertising space on the channel, which is hosted on the VYRE App. Current and future advertisers will now have new opportunities to target Generation Z users.

“I am thrilled to embark on this exciting journey with VYRE Network,” said SheRise Ford, CEO of The SheRise Enterprise. “Our mission is to create an innovative platform that empowers educational institutions to support and showcase the exceptional talents of their students. By partnering with colleges, universities, and educational organizations, we aim to bridge the gap between education and opportunity.” – Channel Lead, SheRise Ford

Co-Founders of VYRE Network, Dave Hill and Lamar Seay, expressed their enthusiasm for this groundbreaking partnership. “SheRise Ford brings a wealth of experience and passion to this project. Together, we believe that we can empower educational institutions to support the next generation of content creators and storytellers. We are excited to give this project the green light.” – Co-Founder, Lamar Seay

The collaboration between The SheRise Enterprise and VYRE Network represents a transformative step towards harnessing the creative potential of students and fostering innovation in educational institutions. It underscores the commitment of both organizations to support emerging talent, inspire creativity, and create opportunities for educational growth.

Users will be able to participate in naming the channel and submitting content by contacting SheRise Enterprise at www.sheriseent.com/students. Once the channel is launched students and viewers can stream via the VYRE app on various platforms, including Apple TV, Roku, Amazon Fire Stick, Android, iPhone, Samsung TVs, and the web.

Stay tuned for further updates as The SheRise Enterprise and VYRE Network embark on this remarkable journey of innovation and inspiration.

For media inquiries and additional information, please contact:
The SheRise Enterprise
Email: [email protected]

About The SheRise Enterprise:
The SheRise Enterprise, led by CEO SheRise Ford, is an entertainment company based in Beverly Hills, CA, with a focus on Public Relations, Social Media Management, Events, and Talent Casting. SheRise Ford has been instrumental in helping entertainers and entrepreneurs gain publicity and visibility, offering services ranging from individual coaching to group programs like SheRise University. www.sheriseford.com

About VYRE Network:
VYRE Network (OTC Pink: CAPV) is a leading global streaming platform that offers a diverse range of NEXT-GENERATION content, including movies, shows, sports, and live events, catering to audiences worldwide. VYRE Network is dedicated to delivering unparalleled entertainment experiences while fostering creativity and collaboration in the entertainment industry. For more information, visit www.vyrenetwork.com.

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