VYRE Network Announces the Appointment of Harris “P Gordy” Brown as President of VYRE Live

Los Angeles, California–(April 3, 2023) – VYRE Network (OTC Pink: CAPV) (a free global streaming platform with a worldwide reach and wholly owned Cabo Verde Capital company “VYRE”) is pleased to announce the appointment of Harris “P Gordy” Brown as President of VYRE Live, a VYRE Network subsidiary and leading event production and live streaming solutions company for the music industry and special events. VYRE Live provides visual experiences to the world through the VYRE App on Apple TV, Roku, Amazon Fire, Samsung TV, Android, and iPhone.

With a wealth of experience across business, marketing, and entertainment, Harris has become an important figure in special events and concerts within the exclusive A-list and talent landscape. He has produced, managed, and promoted some of Hollywood’s hottest club locations and special events over the last 20 years. During those years Harris has built an exclusive list of relationships with top promoters and talent agencies in key cities by providing successful events with unforgettable fan experiences.

Harris has led the transformation of taking intimate concert experiences to live streaming for VYRE during 2022, with successful concerts; De La Ghetto, Ne-Yo, and Soulja Boy which set the tone for VYRE to connect with new users through live entertainment.

Comprised of three divisions – Event Production, VYRE Live Concerts, and Live Stream PPV services – VYRE Live is set in 2023 to triple the number of live stream-produced events completed in 2022, as well as launch service opportunities in PPV partnerships and special event productions.

With the goal of tripling the number of live events with VYRE Live, event revenue, overall monetization of content and our sponsorship business is expected to increase in 2023. We have seen that brands are as eager as fans to re-engage with talent. VYRE Live will provide sponsorship opportunities at the events and on the screen, which gives users the chance to engage more with sponsored products.

“It’s incredible to see the confidence and repeat demand for Live Stream partnerships coming to VYRE Live that was created by Harris. Appointing Harris to build, manage and create with this demand is going to be exciting. I know Harris will surpass our expectations for VYRE Live.” – David Hill, CEO of VYRE Network.

Part of VYRE’s global new users come from live stream events and continues to be a strategic way VYRE has grown organically. As a result, during our live stream events new users and overall brand engagement increase by 30%.

“This is an exciting opportunity for me because I’ve been involved with VYRE Live since its inception and have long admired VYRE Live’s users-first approach to business. VYRE Live’s Executive team is not afraid to think differently about the possibilities for their events and talent, and I look forward to helping them explore new ways to help build this segment of the business.” – Harris P. Gordy Brown

Spring and Summer are VYRE Live’s biggest seasons for live events and there is no sign of it slowing down for the remainder of the year. More live events for VYRE users points toward a record year for new users and an even greater success in 2023 for VYRE Live. You can catch live stream concerts and special events on VYRELive.com or through the VYRE App live stream playlist.

About VYRE Live

VYRE Live is the leading event production and live streaming solution for the music industry and special events that provide visual experiences to the world through the VYRE App on Apple TV, Roku, Amazon Fire, Samsung TV, Android, and iPhone.

For additional information, visit www.vyrelive.com.


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