Vyre Network Partners with Dk Films India To Expand Bollywood Content on Its “Vasool Tv” Channel

VYRE Network (a wholly-owned Cabo Verde Capital company, “VYRE”) (OTCPK: CAPV) is pleased to announce that it has partnered with DK Films India to expand Bollywood content on its Vasool TV channel. As channel Brand Manager, DK Films India will oversee how the world views and experiences Bollywood through the Vasool TV, as well as overseeing the curation of content, originals and live events streamed through the VYRE App. This adds to the global growth plan for VYRE to continue being the #1 streaming culture platform for content creators.

DK Films CEO Dushyant Kapoor has been appointed VP of Operations to lead development of the Vasool TV channel. He is an Indian filmmaker, producer, and creator best known for his superhero films “Mahakaal, Suitboy, and Boom,” as well as his other popular superhero characters “Naari, Halt, Narayan, and SHE.” He’s also referred to as the “Father of Indian Superheroes”.

DK Films India (https://www.dkfilms.in) is an Indian film production studio that specializes in the science fiction genre and has created a shared universe focused on a series of superhero movies. The company was founded in 2011 and later recognized as an entertainment label in 2018. With more than 10 years of experience in filmmaking, DK Films knows its cultural responsibility and pushes the envelope on creative and entertaining content in both movie and TV formats. DK FILMS have gained a reputation for high technical ability and visual effects. With a fan following of 561,000 subscribers and 80+ million views on YouTube, DK Films continues to break boundaries by originating Indian Superhero characters and a Superhero Film. DK Films strives to set new industry standards for film making in India and abroad.

“It has come across greatly and I feel privileged to be the newly appointed VP for the Vasool TV channel. As a content creator, I have always strived to show the real strength of all the creative minds our nation has and to promote the indigenous talent at a platform like VYRE that would have a worldwide impact. It’s a wonderful moment for me and an amazing opportunity to manage the Vasool TV channel for my country as I believe there is so much to explore about this nation the world still needs to see.” – Dushyant Kapoor

“Bollywood is underrepresented in the entertainment industry in the United States, while being one of the biggest markets everywhere else in the world. I’m happy that we are going to be that one spot that changes the narrative. Dushyant Kapoor and DK Films have a major footprint in India, and I believe we will get the best of the best content creators for the world to see.” – David Hill, President VYRE Network.

Vasool TV is currently running within the VYRE eco-system with content from DK Films and others. Within the next two months users will be able to stream a full catalog of Bollywood content that showcases the best movies, tv shows, series, live entertainment and documentaries through the VYRE App on Apple TV, Roku, Amazon Fire, Android, iPhone, Samsung Smart TV’s, and soon to come on XBox and PlayStation.

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