VBNGtv Announces Ashkan Tabibnia Appointed to Its Advisory Board

VYRE BUSINESS NEWS GLOBAL (” VBNGtv “) , Your Trusted Source for Small Cap Business News and a subsidiary of VYRE NETWORK OTC: CAPV ) a leading FREE global streaming platform that delivers NEXT-GENERATION movies, shows, and sports, live and on-demand to audiences worldwide and wholly-owned Cabo Verde Capital company (“VYRE” or the “Company”), is pleased to announce the appointment of Ashkan Tabibnia to its Advisory Board.

Ashkan Tabibnia, a recognized Legacy Architect, is an accomplished entrepreneur and visionary strategist known for his expertise in creating connections and empowering individuals and businesses to achieve their visions, missions, and goals. With a remarkable journey that began as the CEO and founder of 7elephants Corp and 90210 Enterprise, these businesses flourished, employing over 50 individuals, and generating annual revenues of $15 million.

Throughout his career, Ashkan has honed essential interpersonal skills, exuding genuine likability, an unwavering work ethic, and the formidable power of his convictions. Building on his experience and success, Ashkan has recently embarked on new legacy objectives, one being 90210 Enterprise, a premier business consulting firm located in Beverly Hills, Hollywood, and Silicon Beach. 90210 Enterprise offers a comprehensive range of services with core competencies in advisory, consulting, design, financial advice, funding, media, and networking.

In his role as Advisor, Ashkan will assist VBNGtv in growing its network of business leaders, identifying key talent for business news programming, strategic relationships, and related media acquisitions.

“I have seen Ashkan grow various businesses over the years of our relationship and the effect he has had on their success. I’m honored to bring him onboard to VBNGtv and have someone so passionate about reaching goals and pushing the envelope in business news. I know with his assistance we will be able to accelerate achieving our goals.” – David Hill, President of VYRE Network

“I am deeply moved to embark on this extraordinary journey alongside VYRE and VBNG. Witnessing David’s remarkable growth over the past 15 years has been nothing short of inspiring, and I am wholeheartedly convinced that he is poised for remarkable achievements at the next level.” – Ashkan Tabibnia

VBNGtv.com showcases small-cap companies, business leaders and brand partners through an unbiased lens. The Company has completed distribution deals for two business TV shows that produce new episodes weekly, in addition to reporting news on 40 companies per day. VBNGtv looks forward to launching daily live news during the second quarter of 2024.

There are currently four revenue streams for VBNGtv, which are programmatic advertising delivered by Publica, the leading independent CTV advertising platform, Direct Advertising on-screen during live news broadcasts, Digital Placements on VBNGtv.com and special events, summits and conferences.

To view information on small cap businesses covered on the channel, log on to VBNGtv.com Your Trusted Source for Small Cap Business News or stream weekly shows on the VYRE App: VBNGtv Channel.

VBNGtv (VYRE – Business News Global) is a powerhouse news-based streaming channel and website that empowers today’s small-cap companies, business leaders, and brand partners by innovating solutions, knowledge, and connections needed to be successful.

Reaching households and streaming devices worldwide, through the VYRE App, VBNGtv offers live business news, and exclusive one-on-one interviews, with documentary, feature film & TV Show programming. VBNGtv.com

VYRE Network is a free global streaming platform that delivers NEXT-GENERATION movies, shows, and sports, live and on-demand to audiences worldwide through niche channels. Since its launch in 2019, VYRE has consistently been a bridge between independent and mainstream entertainment for film creators and athletes. www.VYRE.tv

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