Vyre Sports & WNFC’S release a new tv series named – A League of Her Own

Vyre Sports has released the WNFC’S  “A League of Her Own” series, which premiered on April 5th on Vyre Network. This bold move will indeed change the way you look at women’s football for good.

The WNFC grants fan access to players, teams, and games, allowing an inside look at what it takes to gain respect in women’s sports.

(April, 6th 2021, Los Angeles, CA) Vyre Sports a channel on the global streaming platform Vyre Network has released the Women’s National Football Conference (WNFC) series “A League of Her Own” (ALOHO), which premiered on April 5th. The show gives fans an inside look behind the players, coaches, and locker rooms that bond these teammates together during their awesome journey. ALOHO captures the player’s struggles, triumphs, gameplay, and mindset to show that women can go just as hard on the field as men.

Women playing the sport of football used to be taboo. Now with the official women’s professional league, the WNFC pushes the limits on what sports can look like for women. The “A League of Her Own” series has all of the best behind-the-scenes footage where fans can see the personalities of teams and how the league is ran. Vyre Network has teamed up with the WNFC to help change the narrative by distributing content that goes against the grain.

“This is an exciting time for women’s football. So, to be able to release WFNC’s “A League of Her Own” is afoot in the right direction for women. Not only does the series demonstrates the hardships and struggles women face in football, but it also shows their optimism, determination, stride, and motivation.” –

Vyre Network Sr. Operations Coordinator, Angie Ramos

New episodes, along with actual games of the 2021 WNFC season will be available worldwide through the Vyre Sports channel on Vyre Network. The league can be streamed through Amazon Fire Stick, Roku, Apple TV, iPhone, and Androids worldwide.


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